Annual Reports

In February 2009, the Congressional Black Caucus Institute launched the 21st Century Council to build consensus around the issues essential to enhancing America’s future. The Council convenes educators, business leaders, labor representatives and policy advocates for issue-oriented meetings and working group sessions to develop concrete policy solutions to our nation’s great challenges.

We entered this venture with the understanding that there is not one answer to our nation’s challenges. And, we move ahead knowing that it takes more than one person and one solution to move this country forward. That is why the members of the 21st Century Council have agreed to put aside philosophical and political differences and focus on the task at hand — ensuring a stronger and more perfect union.

Herein are the results of those conversations. Each of Executive Committee member affiliated with the 21st Century Council is committed to the task at hand and we present our recommendations to the President of the United States and his Administration, the United States Congress, state and local elected officials and the public at large.

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