Mississippi Policy Conference


August 9-12, 2018, Tunica, Mississippi

The conference is representative of the CBC Institute’s ongoing commitment to meeting its overall mission-educating today’s voters and training tomorrow’s leaders. The policy sessions and luncheons provide a perfect opportunity for a cross section of committed individuals, including: community leaders, state and locally elected officials, private sector leaders, labor leaders, academics, and government officials to join in discussions with Members of Congress and highly qualified issue specific experts.

Policy seminars are strategically designed to bring clarity and elicit diverse thoughts on issues which impact and affect the quality of life in minority communities. These sessions are primarily directed towards identification of workable solutions to today’s problems. Topics generally include analysis of the impact of the Census and redistricting, health care reform, energy and environment, broadband communications in undeserved communities, as well as the President’s Financial Reform Act and the new economy. There are also workshops on disaster mitigation, minority contracting, and the connection between saving our schools and saving our children.


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